How to Play Online Keno and Win Real Money

  • Jan 23, 2021

Keno is a popular game for most players owing to its infectious fun and large cash prizes. Keno is basically a lottery themed game that packs a game of chance. It comes with less playing rules and does not require any strategy. Before Keno become a hit worldwide, it was popular in clubs and bars which were frequented with many gamblers. It is a simple game you can try when you are kicking back and unwinding after a long day at work. The game involves playing around a pack of numbers until you find your winning ticket. It is where players select a pack of numbers to bet on, where the online casino picks a set of random numbers. Are you interested in playing Keno? Below is a complete guide on how to play online casino.

Basics of Online Keno

Online keno is played through the use of a digitalized keno card that replaces the normal paper card used by land-based casinos. Despite the change in system, the online casinos use the same process of picking numbers and placing the bets. This is not depending on the version of the keno game you are playing as long as the player aims at having loads of fun. However, the same rules apply which a player must follow. The rules of online casino came up with the paradigm shift to online casinos over three decades over. In case you have experience with the traditional brick and mortar casinos, you can take a breather since the same rules apply. The major difference that exists is through the use of the keno card that replaces the paper card.

The first step in playing online keno is by signing up to an online casino. When you choose the online option of keno, you are bound to encounter many benefits. You can play it at the comfort of your home rocking your lazy sweatpants. However, what makes online keno the best part is that it comes with a high number of sign-up bonuses. This gives the play more chances of winning at the casino while building your bankroll. You should carefully select the casino basing on the amount of bonuses which are handed to new players when signing up. Furthermore, carry research on the online reputation of the online casinos in terms of offering top gaming experience to players. Read through reviews and testimonials from other players to get a gist.

  • Create a budget
  • Make a limit
  • Stick to your budget

The next step in playing online keno is selecting a preferred variant. The choice of the variant after signing up to the online casino should suit your gaming style. However, in the classic form of keno which is available to every online platform, it consists of a series of variants which the player must choose from. Some notable variants in online keno includes balloon game keno, count your chicks, circus keno, golden hits and crossroads circus among many more. After selection of the variant, you should follow with picking out the numbers available on the keno board. After opening on the keno online variant you prefer, you should have to follow with selection of numbers that are likely to make a hit within the keno game. Go for numbers which mean a lot in your life.

How to Place Wagers and Win

The selection of the winning numbers follows with the placement of the wagers at the online casino. Upon selection of the numbers, it is important note to forget to place the bets on each and every number. It is a requirement by the game to place similar bets on all the available numbers. Take the case that you have selected a lot of 20 numbers, follow by placing a bet of 20 euros for each game and follow by pressing the number such as 4. This means you will be wagering up to 80 euros that takes part in each 4 keno races. It is important to note that once the bets are in place and you play, you cannot on back on your decision. It is impossible for a player to change the numbers.


Waiting for a Win

After placing your wagers on the line and pressing the play button, there is no going back. The nest step comes in which is detrimental to walking away with a win from the online casino. Ensure you check the numbers first and ensure it’s the numbers you have selected before pressing the play button. Next all you have to do is sit back and relax while waiting for your numbers to make a hit. This is the same process when you have tried keno from brick and mortar casinos. However, online keno uses a random number generator to produce the winning numbers for the casino. The numbers drawn during the keno game are also highlighted besides the game together with other payouts. It is up to you to confirm whether you have been lucky or not.

Collecting Your Winnings

In case you have lady luck on your side and manage to strike the winning numbers for the game, it is time to collect your winnings. The winnings are offered by the casino but comes with some terms and conditions. After walking away with the cash, you can either choose to try your luck at the casino or decide to cash out and spend your winnings. It is advised to leave some bankroll in your account for some rainy day. Before you withdraw your winnings from the casino, it is a must to first meet the wagering requirements. The wagering requirements refers to the set of conditions a player must meet at the casino before withdrawing their winnings. You can choose the various methods available at the online casino for withdrawing.

  • Read terms and conditions first
  • Check wagering requirements


How to Fill in Keno Ticket

An important part towards your winning success is through filling in the keno tickets from the online casino. In case you have experience with keno from brick and mortar casinos, you must know how to play the keno game. You will realize that most of the time the standard layout of the keno ticket is very different dependent on the type of casino you are playing from. A host of the keno tickets gives players up to 80 boxes to mark. However, as a player you are given the chance to make from 1 to 20 spots for each keno race. Furthermore, other available keno boxes that appear on the keno ticket such as the number of games, inclusive price and sports for each game are available on the online ticket.

Online Strategy for Keno

Even though online keno is purely a game of chance, you need a strategy to improve your chances of winning. Here are some tips to help you increase the odds of winnings when playing online keno. First off, do not select many numbers on your ticket. The more numbers that you select, the odds of winning becomes less, and the risks increase. It becomes a slim chance that you will pull off a win. Therefore, it is advisable to go for between four to five spots for each round. Secondly, it is recommended to use the available online casino welcome bonuses. Ensure you signup at the online casino that offers the most attractive sign-up bonuses you can use for free money to try out the online keno. This is a way of ensuring you do not spend your own money.

How to Play Keno Online